Australia’s best Chenin Blancs have been voted in by Young Gun of Wine and we’re thrilled to have made the list!

Vigier included our 2023 Chenin Blanc in his top-six. “Although it’s not the style a typically go to, I am rating this wine quite high. Secondary notes on the nose of oak spices and lees contact, reminiscent of chardonnay winemaking, the fruits that follow are of great quality and complexity. I love the primary and secondary interplay, even in the fruit profile, with grilled nut aldehydes showing. The lees notes give a hint of ripe goat cheese rind on the side. As I delve into it, I am actually finding this wine to be perhaps one of the most complex, intriguing, and savory styles of chenin blanc. Hints of cheese and ripe fruits are reminiscent of the great Loire Valley producers of Saumur. The palate is also well articulated with enough richness to balance the strong acidity. The finish is savoury. Incredible.”

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