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Vallée du Venom is Rhys and Emma Parker and their ‘Urban Micro Winery’ in Dunsborough, Western Australia. The winery is located in the north of the world renowned Margaret River Wine Region.

With access to premium vineyards and reliable maritime climate vintages, Vallée du Venom produce small batch, terroir driven wines centered around a minimal intervention ethos.

Without the benefit of inheriting vineyards or a winery nor wishing to relinquish control to a third party winemaking facility, Rhys and Emma started from scratch. Converting a bare, concrete warehouse in the heart of Dunsborough into a winery, the Urban Micro Winery concept was as much as a necessity as it was a vision.

Our wines

From handpicking, to shovelling grapes into a crusher and waxing thousands of bottles, everything at Vallée du Venom is done by hand.

2021 Field Blend Blanc


2022 Courchevel Chenen Blanc








Sauvignon Blanc


Why choose Small batch minimal intervention wines?

I think if wine consumers were made aware of what actually goes into large scale wine production and wine products sold through the big liquor store chains, they would definitely prefer small batch, minimal intervention wines. But that’s a whole other conversation best had over a couple glasses of vino!

A growing number of small producers such as ourselves are providing wine drinkers with truly unique wines that aren’t blended away into the oblivion of the bulk wine market. Instead, small batches of hand picked fruit from a single vineyard site, fermented with indigenous yeast populations and bottled without additives, filtering or fining are now widely available to the Australian wine drinker and it’s about bloody time!

We strive to produce wines that elicit a sense of place and time and reflect the environmental conditions of the annual harvest. We guide the grape to the bottle and don’t attempt to re-produce the same wine year in year out. It’s about celebrating the individuality of each vintage and the vineyards the wine comes from. Simple.

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